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Các đơn vị đồng tổ chức

Đơn vị tài trợ

Van Lang University (VLU) – Tourism Faculty: established in 1995, VLU is one of the first non-state universities of Vietnam. VLU and its Tourism Faculty have been constantly innovating and promoting the educational and training under the motto "Academic learning and professional training that meet the needs of the society”. The success of the graduates is a testimony to the determination and commitment to enhancing the quality of university outcomes to meet the market demand for high quality labour.

La Réunion University: is the only university in the island of La Réunion (France) on the Indian Ocean, 1000 km away from France to the south. Founded in 1982, the University specializes in several disciplines including Law, Economics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Environment. Apart from the Headquarter in Saint-Denis, the University has another two campuses in Tampon and Saint-Pierre. Despite being a relatively young university, the University has achieved tremendous success in teaching, training and research.


University of Pau et des Pays de l'Adour: establishedin 1972, the University delivered training in Natural Sciences, Social Sciencesand Humanities, Law, Economics, and Business Administration. The University has three campuses inAquitaineand one campus in Midi-Pyrenees. Thisisthe third largestuniversityin theSouthwestof France, preceded byBordeauxandToulouseUniversities.

People Committee, Bureau of Commerce and Tourism of Binh Thuan Province: BinhThuanisacoastal provincein theeastof HoChiMinh City with a diverse culture of 8ethnic groupsincludingKinh, Cham, Hoa, Tay, Nung, Raglai and Ma. The Provinceis located inthe tropical climate zone with an average temperatureof26°C. Being competitive for its core resources including its natural endowments of mountains, sand dunes, sea and its diverse culture, customs and festivals and its supporting structures of towers, communal houses,temples, pagodas, and temples, the Provincehas beenthriving as one of the pioneers in tourism development.
Association of French Universities (AUF): establishedin 1961inMontreal(Canada) to supportcooperationand linkagesbetweenuniversitiesdelivering teaching, training and research inFrench. This organization whose headquarter is in Canada currently includes659membersin74different countriesandis headquarteredinCanada.


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