The Graduate Scholarship Program for Students from Neighboring Countries

The Graduate Scholarship Program for Students
from Neighboring Countries

Founded in 1917 by H.M. King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), the university was named after his father, H.M. King Chulalongkom (Rama V), for it was during his reign that modem education took root in Thailand.

Recognizing the importance of internationalization, CU has taken a leading role in implementing interactive collaboration with the international community. In order to further develop academic cooperation between Thailand and its neighboring countries, the University has established a "Scholarship Program for Neighboring Counties" to provide academic assistance to students from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam to pursue their studies at Chulalongkom University at graduate level.

Term of Scholarships:

1. Master's degree scholarship
Two years (From June 2009 to May 2011)
2. Doctoral degree scholarship
Three years (From June 2009 to May 2012)
Further information on the programs offered at Chulalongkom University can be obtained from our website at:

Provisions of the Scholarships:

The scholarships will cover the following:
1. An economy class round-trip ticket to and from designated capital cities or principal cities (excluding domestic airfare with both neighboring countries and Thailand). Travelling expenses incurred other than air tickets will be bone by recipients.
2. Tuition and Fees
3.  Stipend and accommodation in the amount of 14,000 baht/month.

Eligibility of Applicants:

1. Applicants must have completed Bachelor's Degrees or Master's Degrees As appropriate in related fields.
2. Applicants must have a grade point average for the latest semester before applying of not lower man 2.75 for undergraduate, and not lower man 325 for postgraduate.
3. Applicants' age must be less than 35.
4. Applicants must have a good command of English. A minimum TOEFL score of 500 or 173 Computer-based or IELTS score of 5.0 is required.
5. Applicants must be in good health.
6. Applicants must not be recipients of other types of scholarships.

Documents Required for Application:

1. Completed application form with a 3 cm x 4 cm size photograph.
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Certificate of Graduation both of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees
4. Transcript of Academic Record of the last educational institution attended.
5. Photocopy of passport.
6. Two recommendation letters from the Head of the Department, the Dean of the Faculty or the academic advisors of the most recent educational institution attended
7. Physical examination certificate from a hospital in candidates’ home countries.

Application Procedures:

The completed application form and relevant documents must be received by 13 February, 2009, at the address below. The information and application form can be obtained from our website at:

Office of Academic Affairs
Chulalongkom University
Phyathai Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
FAX: 66 02 2180208
E-mail address :


1. The scholarship period cannot be extended.
2. The recipients of these scholarships are not permitted to accept any employment in Thailand during the term of their scholarships.
3. The recipients of these scholarships are not permitted to bring any of their family members with them.

4.The recipients of these scholarships are not permitted to postpone the scholarship acceptance as proposed by Chulalongkom University.
5. The recipients of these scholarships must send their study reports to the Office of Academic Affairs, Chulalongkom University at the end of each semester.

Suspension and termination of scholarships:

These scholarships will be suspended or terminated for the following reasons :
1. Serious illness of recipients.
The recipient is deemed to be seriously ill and not physically fit to carry on with his/her studies.
2. Poor study records.
Cumulative grade point average of less than 3.50
3. Absence of recipients without notice or reasonable explanation.
During the semester, the student departs Thailand for over 15 days without the consent of his/her academic advisor.
For vacation time, the student departs Thailand for over 30 days without the consent of his/her academic advisor.

Specific Dates for Application:

13 February 2009               Deadline for submission of completed
                                       application form and documents required
23 April 2009                     Announcement of the selection results

The official results of selected scholarship recipient will be informed to the President of the applicant's university/applicants.

Date 16 December, 2008
Professor Pirom Kumolratanakul.M.D.

Application for Chulalongkorn univesity Scholarship: Download here

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